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Managed IT Services

According to CompTIA, managed service is the fastest growing IT support sector since 2012. Research and real-world experience has shown that managed service providers are often the most efficient, cost-effective, and realistic method of dedicated information technology support for small and medium businesses.

Employing in-house IT staff has a lot of overhead involved. Wages, benefits, constant training and certification, human resource management, even the hiring process itself can be a large time sink for a business. Partnering with a managed service provider removes all of the overhead and delivers all of the results. 

Your systems will be monitored, managed, and serviced per the terms of a flexible contract that can be tailored to your specific needs incluing service level, scope, and other variables. Whether you need dedicated support for a single server, or your entire business environment from desktops to servers and network infrastructure, managed services provide you with dedicated IT at a fraction of the cost.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

In a study conducted by data management firm EMC, it was found that the average liquid cost of data loss for an organization is between $2,450 and $4,000 per affected employee, if the data is recoverable. In instances where sensitive financial or customer data is involved, costs increase exponentially. Instances of permanent data loss can cause irreversible damage to the integrity of a business.

We offer a wide variety of data loss prevention (more commonly known as 'backup') solutions for customers based on individual needs, including both onsite and offsite solutions. From fireproof/waterproof on-site storage options, to backup-as-a-service cloud solutions, we ensure that your data is not only redundant, but secure.


A business' IT infrastructure can only be as strong as its backbone, which internally is the physical network that the data travels over. Routing, switching, and physical cabling are all critical components of making an efficient, reliable network to keep things running smoothly.

We specialize in advanced cable management techniques for both new installations and existing installation rewires. We deploy and manage industry-standard networking equipment from vendors such as Cisco, Ubiquiti, and many others.

We offer these services for an array of physical network types including standard voice networks, ethernet, fiber, coaxial, and others.

Indoor/Outdoor Wi-Fi

Wireless connectivity is critical for today's businesses. Cell phones, tablets, laptops, point-of-sale barcode scanners, and a whole host of devices rely on a stable, reliable, and fast wireless network to perform at their best. We offer planning, deployment, and management for wireless networks of any scale for your business. Whether you just need one access point for a small office, or twenty access points to cover your entire operating plant, we can take care of it.

We offer solutions from a wide variety of vendors including many industry leaders such as Cisco and Ubiquiti. There is a solution for every need and budget!

Surveillance Services

Asset protection and loss prevention are critical parts of many high-volume, high-value business models such as retail and industrial. If you have assets that need to be secure and in-view at all times, we offer a range of IP surveillance camera solutions to give you the protection and peace of mind that you need.

Our solutions almost always have networked viewing, remote viewing via iOS and Android apps, and other viewing options as standard features. Infrared night vision cameras, long-range telephoto zoom and short-range wide angle dome cameras, and many other options can be tailored to fit your needs and budget.

Managed Security

Information security is a critically important part of modern business, with sensitive data being stored and passed through dozens or hundreds of points within your network and external networks. The internet can be a scary place for a business network to traverse, as there are threats lurking around every proverbial corner.

We offer managed security solutions and security auditing to ensure your network and its endpoints are secured to prevent intrusion and data loss through malicious intent. Network security appliances, managed endpoint antivirus protection, and a host of other options help prevent your network from being compromised by an attack.

On-Demand Support

Don't need a fully managed IT solution? We offer on-demand break/fix support that is just a phone call away. If your needs are smaller than a typical business and you don't need full management, monitoring and support for your systems, this "time and materials" model allows you to receive the same quality, professional service, but only when you need it by appointment.

Give us a call today to see if an on-demand solution may fit your needs.

Long-Range Point to Point Wireless

Sometimes you just need to go the distance. We offer point-to-point wireless solutions to help solve problems that traditional ethernet and fiber cabling can't. Long range wireless links allow you to beam connectivity long distances to bring your network connection to places you never thought possible.

Point-to-point wireless has incredible scalability. Whether you need to connect a building that is 500 feet from your main office, or you need to connect another office that is 5 miles away, the possibilities are endless for wireless connectivity.

And More...

If your business needs it, we can do it. We pride ourselves in our versatility and responsiveness to a wide variety of needs and problems for businesses of any size or type. If you have a need or request that you don't see listed here, please feel free to visit our Contact Us page and give us a call or send us an e-mail. We'll be happy to address whatever concerns or questions you may have about the services we can offer you!

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