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Who Are We?

Synced Consulting, LLC is a IT Managed Service Provider (MSP) serving out of the Coshocton area. Founded in 2012, we service a wide variety of clients in the Eastern Ohio region. Building on a foundation of honesty, integrity, and professional experience, we have an ever-growing portfolio that spans throughout many industries.

Our team is professionally trained with years of experience in various technological fields. We strive to provide a level of service that most small and medium businesses are unfamiliar with experiencing; and we use our knowledge and resources to help drive growth and success for our clients.

Our Experience

Versatility is key in the IT sector. No two businesses operate in the same fashion, even within the same industry. This is why we pride ourselves in our adapatibility and broad range of skills.

We currently service clients from industries such as:

  • Medical and Health Services

  • Legal Services

  • Industrial and Manufacturing

  • Small/Medium Retail

  • Restaurants

  • Government Institutions

  • Agriculture

  • ...and many more!

Our Mission

What we strive to accomplish for each of our clients is simple: provide the best quality, professional service at a cost that makes sense. We differentiate ourselves from the competition by resolving every issue in the most efficient, reliable, and cost-effective manner.

We know that there is no replacement for hard work. When your business and its future is the subject matter, our top priority is completing the necessary work in the most professional manner possible to ensure your IT infrastructure isn't slowing you down.

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