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Managed IT Services

Hiring and training internal IT staff can be costly and time consuming, but waiting to call for support when something breaks leads to significant downtime. Our managed IT services give you all the benefits of having a dedicated, onsite IT team with none of the overhead. You no longer have to worry about making sure your IT staff is staying current with the industry standard trainings and certifications, your systems are managed and monitored leaving you free to focus on growing your business.

Networking and Structured Cabling

Network infrastructure is the backbone of any modern business. Without proper setup and administration, a physical network can become a logical nightmare for a business, causing communication and connectivity issues which leads to downtime, which leads to lost profits and growth. We provide network support from initial planning and installation for new builds, to existing installation overhaul and rewire. Cabling, routing, switching, and everything in between.

Security Auditing/Management

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." - Benjamin Franklin

Security vulnerabilities are one of the top reasons for IT related headaches for businesses in today's world. The network security environment is constantly changing and evolving, and your IT roadmap must evolve with those changes in order to stay secure and prevent catastrophic security breaches that can compromise your business.

Wireless Services

Today's world is becoming even more tether-free with the advances in wireless technology. We specialize in a broad range of wireless solutions, from interior Wi-Fi access point deployments and management, to long-range point-to-point wireless links of 10 miles or more, there is a wireless answer for almost every question.

IP Surveillance

Keep an eye on your assets with the best IP-based camera and recording solutions in the industry. We use fully networked surveillance deployments that allow remote management, viewing and recording that allows for a simple, easy to use end-user interface which makes keeping tabs on your most valuable investments easy.

Much More...

We offer a wide array of services to fit the needs of businesses in any industry. With experience in industries such as medical, law, industrial, non-profit, small office, and other environments, we can ensure that whatever your needs may be, we can identify and solve them for you. 

Check out our Services page to find out more, or Contact Us today!

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